5mm LEDs

5mm LEDs

5 mm LEDs are the traditional round transparent high brightness LED that have been used for decades and are still being widely used in the assembly of lamps, displays, etc thanks to its ease of soldering by hand.

They are made of iron leads, the emitting diode, and a lens made from epoxy resin. By adjusting the distance between the emitter and the lens in the manufacturing process, they can be made of different angles according to what the project requires (for example 15˚, 30˚, 45˚, 60˚, etc.)

They can also be manufactured with different lens configurations such as straw hat, flat top, conical (inverted cone), etc. to obtain wider angles such as 120 degrees, 160 degrees, etc.

The most common type is the clear or transparent lens, although for special productions they can be made with a semi-transparent (with a tint of the color that the LED emits) or even semi translucent or “milky” white.

These are the typical colors that we supply for 5 mm LED:

  • Warm white 5mm LED (2,700˚K-3,000˚K).
  • Neutral white, or pure white, or daylight white 5mm LED (4,000˚K-7,000˚K).
  • Cool white 5mm LED (10,000˚K-12,000˚K).
  • Blue 5mm LED (460-470 nm).
  • Green 5mm LED (520-530 nm).
  • Yellow 5mm LED (580-590 nm).
  • Red 5mm LED (620-630 nm).

Other colors for special applications:

  • Infra-red 5mm LED infra-rojo (620-630 nm).
  • Ultra violet 5mm LED (420nm).
  • We also have the ability to adjust the wavelength of the LED to a specific range for special productions that require so.

    5mm LED voltage

    Typically the LED voltage will depend on the color of the LED, being approximately 3.2 volts for cool colors such as white, blue and green; and 2.2 volts for warmer colors such as red, orange, and yellow.

    5mm LED wattage

    5 mm LEDs are typically low power, particularly within the range of 0.04 W to 0.06 W for those 5 mm LEDs made with a single chip.

    5mm LED dimensions

    As part of their name five me Melodies are firemen diameter I’m about 3.2cm tall including the epoxy lens and the metal leads.

    5mm LED price

    In our products’ section you can find the prices for all our 5mm LEDs.

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