Privacy Policy

Our company only uses the personal information provided through our website or email for the purpose of communication regarding the processes of purchase, shipment, after sales service and updates of our products and their prices. The information will never be shared nor soul to third parties that are not involved in the process of payment or shipping.

The following information is given in order to comply with the GDPR requirements for our customers in Europe.

We only request personal information that is necessary to send you quotes, such as name, phone number, email and country.

This information is acquired the moment it is provided to us via web or email.

This information is used for the processes of quotation, product shipment, after sales service, notifications and updates of products prices.

All the information we receive is stored in our database inside secure servers with firewalls.

This information is only for internal use and it’s not sold to third parties.

You can at any time request via email that any personal information that you have provided to be modified, updated, or eliminated from our database.