Referral Program

Our referral program allows you to generate commissions based on the purchases made by companies referred by you.

The current commission rates are as follows:

– 5% of the value of goods on the first order.

– 1% of the value of goods every subsequent order during the first 36 months.

Note: Commission is calculated on the value of goods and does not include the cost of shipping or import taxes.

Example of commissions:

Let’s say you refer to us three clients:

Client 1:

Order 1: 5,000 USD => 5,000 USD * 0.05 = 250 USD.

Order 2: 10,000 USD => 10,000 USD * 0.01 = 100 USD.

Order 3: 7,500 USD => 7,500 USD * 0.01 = 75 USD.

… etc.

Client 2:

Order 1: 500 USD => 500 USD * 0.05 = 25 USD.

Order 2: 3,500 USD => 3,500 USD * 0.01 = 35 USD.

Order 3: 22,700 USD => 22,700 USD * 0.01 = 227 USD.

… etc.

Client 3:

Order 1: 800 USD => 800 USD * 0.05 = 40 USD.

Order 2: 1,500 USD => 1,500 USD * 0.01 = 15 USD.

Order 3: 300 USD => 300 USD * 0.01 = 3 USD.

… etc.

The payments of the commissions generated are made through PayPal, Western Union or international wire transfer.


The person interested in referring customers first applies for the creation of an account under our program. Once approved, a unique ID number will be assigned to link all referred companies and cumulative commission balance.

2. The person refers a potential client to our company providing our website email or phone number and then should notify us of the client details to link it to his account.

3. The client places an order for materials and sends the payment to our company bank account.

4. Once the production is finished, we proceed with the shipping of the goods and then we track the products to arrive properly to the client.

5. Once the products have been delivered to the client, the commission will be credited to the balance of the affiliate in a term of seven days after the delivery of goods.

6. At any time the affiliate can send a request for transfer of the commissions, partially or totally, of the balance credited up to that date on his account, either through PayPal, Western Union, or international wire transfer and it will be sent within 30 days.


The movie vacation or adjustment that is made to the quotation the commission will be based on the final amount.

There is no limit on the amount of customers that can be referred.

There’s no limit on the amount of sales to which commissions will be adjudicated during the first 36 months.

The minimum balance to request a transfer of commission is 100 USD.

Transfers of commissions requested are processed once a month.

If a client was previously referred by another affiliate, it will not be able to be reassigned to another affiliate without prior written approval by us after evaluating certain aspects.

Currently the only accepted method to refer potential clients is the direct referral of a potential client who do you know personally providing our website email or phone number (report and the client to be linked on your account). Therefore ensuring that the claim is associated with your account and that all purchases from then on do you generate commissions do your account. Also is recommended as you can follow up the progress of the orders directly with the client.

For the moment we are not working with URL tracking parameters neither cookies, therefore we do not allow the publications of links as spam on:


Social network accounts.



Doing so could cause the cancellation of the referral account.

Do you have any questions about sales promotion please contact us.

This program is ideal for people who are independent and that no of companies that require supply of products that we offer, without the need of dealing with company bank transfer, handle physical products, besides having the flexibility of working remotely.