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LEDs are the perfect solution for signage (both indoor and outdoor), channel letters, light boxes, etc. because of their great versatility on the installation, their availability in different sizes, as well as the colors and angles variety that allows them to be used in a wide variety of projects no matter their requirements.

Our products that are most used in signage lighting are the flexible LED strips, the LED neon flex, the LED modules, the LED bars, and the LED lamps.

Signage lighting with flexible LED strips

The flexible LED strips are very useful when installing indirect light or backlight to signs that have curved or irregular surfaces since these strips conform to the exact shape of the sign. They are also ideal to light up small signs with very reduced clearance since these have a height of 3 mm and can be made with a thickness of about 5 mm.

Signage lighting with LED neon flex

LED neon flex, or LED flexible neon, are the ideal alternative to replace traditional neon tubes that are installed on signs in which the lighting affect that one to be achieved is exactly the same of a regular new young to, but with advantage that the LED neon flex can be bent by hand add wheel sings it is made of a flexible material dad allows to mold it to the desired shape whether it is inside an pre-cut acrylic profile or by fixing it on the surface with Staples that hold the LED neon flex to the desired shape.

Since they are made of silicon they are not prone to be broken with impacts of vibrations and come in a great variety of colors, including RGB or multicolor that before wasn’t possible to do with traditional neon tubes.

Channel letter lighting with LED modules

LEDs modules are especially designed to be installed in signs such as channel letters or 3-D letters, and light boxes since these are modules linked by wires that allow them to be installed in any shape, hence allowing for a uniform lighting throughout the sign.

They can be used as indirect light Lighting up the wall behind the sign or by directly lighting up the surface of the acrylic on the front face of the sign. As they are installed in a modular way. if there is any damage to one of the modules, it can be easily replaced individually, hence reducing the expenditure on replacement material.

Additionally they are resistant to impact and vibrations on like fluorescent tubes which of the breaking render the whole lamp unusable.

We have a wide variety of models which differ in angles (120, 160°) size, shape (rectangular, squared), and quantity of LEDs per module (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) which influence the total luminous flux emitted by these.

Lightbox lighting with LED bars

LED bars are definitely the ideal solution for light boxes since these allow to be installed as a matrix from the back creating a uniform lighting on big surfaces thanks to it wide meeting angle of 120°-160°. Are there models of LED bars can we used from the periphery on medium or small signs thanks for the implementation of oval angle lenses of 160° X 35° which allow the light been to be spread throughout the surface without a waste of light on the perpendicular axis to the surface providing a uniform light spread throughout the sign surface being this one side or tow sides.

Billboard lighting with LED lamps

Generally white (pure white or daylight white) LED lamps are perfect for lighting billboards and printed opaque signs from the front, replacing traditional incandescent lamps while reducing energy consumption, and also allows for better visibility to the sign because of the tone of white, giving it a fresh look compared to the yellowish tone given by the traditional lamps.

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